All Photos  credited to Haley MacPhee Photography


Malory Tate is a Canadian ceramic artist, born and raised in Kamloops, a small city in the interior of British Columbia. Tate received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with a major in Ceramics and a minor in Art History from NSCAD University in the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2016. After completing a year long residency in Port Moody, B.C. Tate has moved to the United Kingdom and currently resides in East London.

Artist Statement

My motivating intent as a ceramic artist is to create an experience reflecting beauty and specificity within utility. Memory and sentimentality play a key contributing role in my creative process, and the conversation between a ceramic form and its function fascinates and inspires me. My interest lies in the things in our lives that enrich us; things that we collect and arrange that hold personal meaning. My work is inspired by celebrations of love and life, which compel me to elevate domestic rituals of presentation from basic actions to exceptional gestures.

My Process

Drawn to its grandeur, elegance, and delicate qualities, I use a white porcelain clay body. I seek to be conscious of the breath and space within each form, resulting in a process in which my vessels are thrown and altered, working from the inside out. I use the wheel to create an initial sketch – a contoured drawing – which I then transform by adding and assembling multiple parts. The surface of my work is treated to accentuate the body of each piece and to pull attention back to its form. To do this, I use a series of glazes varying from viscous, to matte, to satin matte finishes. I also use a mixture of resists to create shallow relief patterns for a subtle decorative surface.